Karen Hayberg, Licensed Acupuncturist is serving the Elmira/Coring, Southern Tier of NY and Northern Tier of PA area, offering Chinese Medicine and Wholistic/Integrative Medical care.

Karen prides herself on on creating an anxiety free environment. She offers non-needle techniques for sensitive people and children, and uses the smallest needles possible with a very light, gentle hand when treating with traditional methods.

Techniques and Methods used:
*Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element Acupuncture:
including Cupping, Moxa, Electrical stimulation, herbal and nutritional supplements.
*Non-needle treatments: Laser, zero point energy, light electrical pulse and acupresure.
*EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques or Meridian Tapping
*Acugraph- a technology that measures the acupuncture meridian resistance for additional diagnosis.

Here is a short list of some of the problems asked about often. A much larger list is presented under the Conditions Treated Page.
*Pain Relief- all kinds esp. Back/Spine/Neck Pain, Sciatica, Joint Pain, Arthritis, Headache/Migraine
*Stop Smoking and other Addictions

Hayberg Wellness and Acupuncture
Walnut St. Center
139 Walnut St.
Corning, NY 14845